Full of meat and fish disse with several side disse and a lot of  starters you must try. At Montecorvo Restaurant many dishes are cooked in wood oven such as baked fish, sauteed meat and “the Rabbit in the style of Ischia”, which is prepared according the old recipe.

Sea and Mountain Starters
Porcini mushrooms sliced and cooked in a pan or grilled
Stuffed eggplants baked in the oven
Shrimps with orange sauce
Anchovies with baked lemon and mozzarella
Octopus with potatoes

Main courses
Spaghetti with rabbit sauce
Pappardelle pasta with porcini mushrooms or knuckle of pork cooked in wood oven
Linguine with lemons
Gnocchi with gorgonzola cheese
Spaghetti with clams
Paccheri with mussels and provolone
Linguine with lobate

Second courses
The Rabbit in the style of Ischia
Fiorentina steak served on volcanic rock
Fillets with fresh porcini mushrooms or gorgonzola cheese or red wine
Baked sea bream with lemon
Grilled Red sea bream
Seafood soup


Homemade Tiramisù with sponge cake
Mrs Carmela’s Baba
Fresh fruit sorbets

*in this list, you can find only some of the dishes you can order at Montecorvo Restaurant.
We have decided to gather only some of the most particulary dishes, the most wanted and the ones my wife Carmela and I, Giovanni, can prepare perfectly.
Our menu is longer than this and we invite you to trust us and come and see us at our restaurant, where our good children Nicola and Antonio will welcome you and serve our dishes with professionalism and kindness.
Ristorante Montecorvo

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