The Montecorvo Restaurant

This is a welcoming restaurant surrounded by the Ischia countryside, but anyway you can get there by car from the centre of Forio or  charming Sant’Angelo in only ten minutes.
The dining room is tastefully decorated with pieces of handicraft, a well and a fireplace carved into green tuff.

One of our special dishes is “the Rabbit in the style of Ischia”, still cooked in wood oven. This technique, together with passion and ability,  make "Montecorvo" the best restaurant where you can taste this dish.

The first courses are the bucatini with rabbit sauce, linguine with lemon sauce, pappardelle with mushrooms, delicious paccheri, mussels and provola and a much more.
Home-made cakes and sorbets.
In summer you can use the romantic "Giardino" terrace among exotic plants and water fountains.

Restaurant Guru 2019

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His dedication to an art.
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Terrace and dining
Created with Passion and Art.
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The secret of good cooking is in the ingredients.
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