The Montecorvo restaurant,  opened in 1983 by Mr Giovanni, used to be a small cellar with some barrels: a green tuff cave which makes the indoor dining room special nowadays. At the bottom of a beautiful staircase, outside the room where you can find  banana trees, tropical ferns and various water fountains, there is a small waterfall where there used to be a land used to produce wine 30 years ago.

The true  soul of our restaurant, full of beautiful souvenirs and light effects, is Mr Giovanni, who can give this rustic and elegant place a special touch which makes this restaurant a magic place. This was possible thanks to the experience he gained in Germany during his youth when he worked hard  with  great chefs who made him discover passion for coking again. This was an old passion, born when he was a child when , at dinner, he asked his beloved mother to teach him the typical Ischia recipes.

The magic of this place is also the  result of its beautiful plants coming from all over the world. This is another passion of his owner’s. He speaks to his garden; he takes care of it as if he were a child and even his garden looks like it is wearing a suit and a tie!
Cuisine is the thing which makes a difference in any restaurant; this is what it counts! The Montecorvo restaurant doesn’t need to get publicity by itself because what it counts are clients’smiles and happiness after Giovanni’s funny musical shows, his jokes and all that makes this place lively and joyful.

You can find fresh products, good oils and meats butchered directly at the restaurant, just freshly caught fish, or  fish soup prepared by Giovanni. The simplicity turns into a unique experience here.
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His dedication to an art.
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Terrace and dining
Created with Passion and Art.
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The secret of good cooking is in the ingredients.
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