The restautant is divided into two parts: the comfortable dining room  and the terrace. The dining room can accomodate about 50 people and is furnished with antique furniture and an elegant piano for musical eventings in the charming atmosphere of green tuff cave with a firepalce inside. The terrace is a real jewel of the restaurant and can accomodate up to 70 clients  with  several tables well put one far from the others. You can have dinner under the shade of palm trees or giant ferns and sterlizia. The big “Giardino” terrace overlooks  the beautiful bay of Citara, which offers its clients breathtaking sunsets.

Gushing fountains, birdsongs, cactus plants 8 metres high and  the kitchen with pizza oven and grills make your experience at Montecorvo very special.
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His dedication to an art.
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Terrace and dining
Created with Passion and Art.
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The secret of good cooking is in the ingredients.
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